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Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer Performance

Proper airflow can decrease drying time, thus decreasing operating costs. It helps the dryer to operate efficiently, which can extend the life of the dryer.

An extra bonus is that clothes will dry at lower temperatures and in less time. This will help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on clothing, thus extending their life.

Who Needs This Service

Almost Everyone with a dryer. Especially those homes with dryers located on inside walls, or those located on second floor laundry rooms. These centralized locations cause dryers to vented greater distances, up to or over 50 feet. Resulting in lint buildup and other obstructions which can seriously affect the performance of dryers.

Most of the dryer manufacturers recommend the yearly delinting of dryer vents, for the dryer to work at it’s maximum efficiency.

Have you cleaned your dryer vents lately

                                   ……….. Or ever

Odds are that the last time you saw the inside

Of your clothes dryer’s exhaust was when you

Hooked up your dryer.

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